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International English Lexicon

A key mission of WordGamers International is to revise/update the international word source from a player perspective. It is called the International English Lexicon (IEL). The words come from various English-language lexicons around the world.

Our Words Group, boasting a wealth of experience in lexicography, linguistics and publishing, has devised an initial plan for expanding – not diminishing – our lexicon. We will:

1.      Start with CSW19
2.      Collate words from various dictionary sources
3.      Update and announce the list of additions by July 2023
4.      Distribute initiation kit and cheat sheets
5.      Update at regular intervals after July 2023, incorporating updates from other major lexicons.

Supporting countries and player organisations can contribute to the initial update by submitting words for inclusion. Our Words Group will adjudge the validity based on lexicographical principles. We’ll be posting our specific criteria and submissions process shortly. Keep watching this space …

Note, IEL is not concerned with meanings. It’s just for ruling on the acceptability of words for use in competitive wordgames. For definitions, go to the source dictionaries. However, we will highlight all new words in more depth (definitions, extensions etc) as we add them.

The full updated word list will be available through Zebra and other apps.

Zebra Word Judge

Click here to launch Zebra Word Judge in your Browser

Our IEL-based word-judge app ‘Zebra’ is also available in an Android-compatible version. You can download it from the Google Play Store. See installation instructions. Before you can use it, you will need the IEL word file installed. Apply to for a link to this file.

The iOS and Windows version will be released shortly. All versions will incorporate accessibility features for blind wordgamers.