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Richard Spence takes out the Tel Aviv Open

We held our first single-day event since Covid, in honour of our late club member, Maor Eichler.

We played an eight-round event, Chew pairings throughout. 34 players in all competed for the prizes. We also had the pleasure of having Maor’s brother, Raanan Eichler, joining us to play.

The winner, Richard, lead almost throughout the event, actually securing the top position after game 7, going into the final game.

Richard Spence accepts the winning prize

The awards ceremony opened with an emotional speech by Maor’s wife, Hemdat. Maor’s brother, Raanan, actually won the performance award for C, after not having played Scrabble in three decades!

As usual, prizes were awarded to the top three finishers. Two performance prizes were awarded as well. A special award was given for the best bird-word played. Maor, among his many great talents, was also an ornithologist of sorts. This seemed appropriate.

Winner: Richard Spence 8-0 +1366

2nd place: Raz Naot 7-1 +488

3rd place: David Spolter 6-2 +560

Performance award B: Sharon Peress 5-3 +210

Performance award C: Raanan Eichler 5-3 +128

Bird award: SPITFIRE – David