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WGI ratings keep continuity

Some players may be concerned about losing their hard-won WESPA rating if they adopt WGI ratings. They won’t. 

As soon as you play in a WGI-eligible tournament, you will receive a WGI rating. If you already have a WESPA rating, this will become the starting point for your new one. 

You don’t even have to lose the WESPA rating. You can switch between the two if you wish. It’s not an either/or scenario – unless you wish to throw yourself wholly into the brave new world of WordGamers tournament play. Also if you are from one of our supporting countries and have played internationally in the past two years, your WESPA rating will automatically be imported.

The benefits of WGI ratings are that they are FREE to all supporting organisations, we turn them around promptly, and we are developing a new, easy-to-read format of ratings outputs.

Check out rating changes for the very first WGI-eligible tournament, the New Zealand National Championship. Watch this website for more results and ratings as they come in.

Finally, here’s a shout-out to our ratings maestro, Bob Jackman (New South Wales). Bob was WESPA’s official rater from its inception until early this year, when he resigned over the expurgation issue. Now he has thrown his weight behind this bold, new player-focussed concept.

Howard Warner

2 thoughts on “WGI ratings keep continuity”

    1. Thanks for the enquiry, Marc. We’d welcome any UK tournament for WordGamers International rating if it used CSW19 and was an international or national event.

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