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About Us

Our Steering Group comprises:

  • Howard Warner (NZ), chair
  • Bob Jackman (NSW), ratings master
  • Olivia En (NZ), secretary
  • Graeme Lock Lee (NSW), webmaster
  • Martin Rose (Tas), treasurer
  • Evan Cohen (Israel), Words Group

Get in touch with us:

Our Words Group comprises:

  • Evan Cohen (Israel)
  • Darryl Francis (UK)
  • Barry Harridge (Aus)
  • Nick Ascroft (NZ)

We are all committed to producing a rating system, a word list and resources for the benefit of all competitive wordgamers.

A big thank-you to:

  • Michael Hyndman (NZ), for helping to design this website
  • Vicky Robertson (NZ), for the logo design
  • Dylan Early (NZ), for developing the Zebra word-judge app/program
  • Olivia En (NZ), for advice on accessibility