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We will rate these types of event into the WGI rating system, without application or cost:

  1. International tournaments played to IEL (International English Lexicon)
  2. Championships and Masters events of Supporting Organisations played to IEL
  3. Major events of Supporting Organisations not having their own internal IEL ratings system

We will rate these events into the WGI ratings system at no cost, if approved on application:

  1. Major CSW19 events in countries that otherwise rate CSW21 events
  2. International events played to CSW21 up to September 1, 2022

To have your CSW19 tournament listed on our calendar, or to apply for ratings approval, email

WGI Tournament Calendar

Venue: Bankstown Sports Club
Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, NSW

Contact: Joanne Craig


Tournament Colour Key:

 = By Selection
 = Open
 = Selection Criteria Apply